5 applications that will boost your productivity

There are always several assignments and tasks to be accomplished in a limited time. This is true for any professional who works as a member of a team; the same applies for a team and even a company. Before the close of work, we all strive to achieve all that we’ve...

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Here’s why you should get feedback from your customers

Without any argument, having happier customers translates to more revenues for your business. This is what you want, isn't it? As a business owner, there’s no doubt that you strive to make your customers happy, meet their needs and ensure that you don’t lose their...

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So you want to start a business?

Perhaps you have finally decided to start a business after so many weeks, months or years of wanting to do so. Perhaps it’s because you are tired of your current job or can’t stand your boss anymore. Maybe you just feel being a business owner is your purpose – what...

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Stop worrying about your competitors. Do this instead.

Competitors? You are bound to have them because everyone does. Competition is one of the constant attributes of life. Most entrepreneurs today face the danger of falling into the comparison trap. As an entrepreneur, at a point, your competitors’ success might...

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5 proven ways to turn customers into brand evangelists

Brand evangelists fulfil more than the usual customer purpose of purchasing your services and products. They don’t vanish into thin air after making a purchase. No. Instead, they make sure everyone they know gets to know that they are pleased with your brand. Clients...

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Signposts on the path to digital entrepreneurship

Digital entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular. We all make digital entrepreneurs richer every day. The many websites and applications that we visit and use represent entrepreneurship. They represent a digital form of free enterprise. New opportunities for...

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The problem with being a solopreneur

One of the most popular reasons for starting a business is freedom — especially in terms of having enough time and money to maintain a desired lifestyle. However, you may soon realise that the freedom you craved as an employee becomes even more elusive when you start...

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