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Become a competent digital solutions consultant

We have condensed the advanced courses in our Digital Enterprise Empowerment Program into one comprehensive training and mentoring package. If you’ve ever desired the practical skills, systems and support to become a successful digital entrepreneur, this is your VIP ticket to some of our most impactful and profitable training programs.


Online Business Launchpad bundles up six of our TOP programs

The Business of Web Design - Advanced Class

Building on the foundation laid in the beginner’s class which is available pro bono on Virtual Business School, this class will take you through advanced techniques and business strategies for building a lucrative web design business even if you have no tech skills. These strategies have consistently generated multiple six figures in recurring income.


The Business of Writing

This is a practical training where we help writers simplify the intricate details of profiting from their craft. The unconventional ideas taught in this course have empowered many to earn self-sufficient income from writing and related services.

Digital Publishing Blueprint

Have you noticed that ‘author’ and ‘authority’ are from the same root word? In this course, we’ll show you how publishing a book can catapult you to expert status and how you can make money from doing this for others. You’ll be able to publish print and electronic books on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other major platforms.

Online Course Accelerator

You will learn all the tools and processes that we have used to make global impact and create wealth with online courses and educational materials that are being accessed across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Affiliate Marketing Roadmap

If you’re looking for a fast track to online income, affiliate marketing is about the closest you can get. Our affiliate marketing training will show you how to get started on the path to making your first 1000 dollars within 90 days without having to create your own product or service.

E-Commerce Platform

This part of the training package goes into the details of setting up an online store with a secure payment system. Ordinarily, the payment integration giants (e.g. Interswitch) charge at least 150,000 naira for this but you will learn how to do it for free. 

Required Investment

This package doesn’t cost; it pays!

We could easily charge 100,000 naira for each of these courses and it would be more than worthwhile because of the benefits and income potential. But we are only asking that you invest 96,000 naira for the entire package which includes six months of hands-on mentoring and personalised coaching.


In addition to one-on-one support, weekly coaching calls, clear instructional videos, PDF manuals and other training content, we’ll also provide you with proven templates, work plans and proposals that are sure to give you an unfair advantage. And to further sweeten the deal, you get complimentary access to future updates.

The courses are delivered entirely online. So you can easily take them from the comfort of your home or office as long as you have an internet-enabled computer or smartphone.

This is an intensive and results-oriented program that comes with one-on-one mentorship. You will receive all the help you need to start or grow a successful online business as a digital solutions consultant.

You also get three months’ access to our company’s virtual workspace and team meetings so that you can learn by direct observation and participation. This will give you the opportunity to develop competence and hone your skills with in-house projects while also getting the team to support your own projects.

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What Others Are Saying

Teaching is a talent and skill Philip has mastered. It’s one thing to know a concept, it’s another thing to be able to pass the knowledge across to someone else. Philip excels in both departments. He knows what he is teaching, and he teaches it with such great verve, enthusiasm, understanding and a remarkable attention to detail. I’m most delighted to learn from him and I’m sure anybody willing to learn will have the same experience with Philip. He’s the mentor per excellence.
Williams Olaide Oladele

Author, The Juvenilia

I want to register my appreciation to you for this training. I have been following your enlightening sessions on Business Mastery Club and I must confess, it’s been impactful. I have gone through the module and tried to reconstruct for my private coaching classes. I appreciate the feel of it on my students and their sponsors. I’m also reading your book, How To Start Your Own Business Without Quitting Your Job, and to say the least, the book is answering some cogent, salient questions of my heart about entrepreneurship. Thanks again for being a blessing.

Victoria Adeoye

Teacher and Milliner

I write and publish books but not like a pro until I met Philip Amiola. He took me by the hand on an adventure into the digital world at close to no cost: professional web designing, digital publishing, using professional business tools and services, creating educational videos among others. He went all the way to make sure I got value each time. Philip is skillful and he is ready to pass his skills across to others at close to no cost with an astute passion. He has an excellent taste for quality and professionalism.

Toyin Obafemi

Medical Doctor and Director, Pnuxel Consulting

You are doing a great job, sir. This tutoring and exposition is worth hundreds of thousands, if you ask me, but you are giving it to us at no cost at all. You are definitely going global in your sphere of influence. God bless you sir!
Adeola Adeyemi

Oil & Gas Professional

Philip patiently walked the road with me; supporting, guiding and answering all my questions throughout the building of my very first website. Because of Philip’s help, I no longer outsource my web design projects. If you’re looking for an honest, helpful and supportive professional to help you online, then Philip is your guy.
Pat Baiden

Personal Brand Strategist

Philip is an inspirational teacher and has a large heart for helping others profit from their talent. He is my go-to expert in publishing, website development and digital media tweaks.
Damilola Fasoranti (Fash)

Social Entrepreneur

Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Coach

Philip Amiola is a business thinker, technical writer and digital solutions consultant. Although primarily trained as a life scientist, his penchant for personal development and self-mastery has led him to acquire skills in business strategy, journalism, corporate communication and digital publishing.

As Director of Training and Strategy at The Plenipotent Company, he helps businesses and organisations communicate better, increase profits and achieve optimum productivity. In this role, Philip has served an A-list of satisfied clientele including government agencies, corporate bodies and personal brands across the globe especially in Nigeria, South Africa, United States and Canada.

You can connect with him on his website or send him an email via philip[at]

Knowing Philip Amiola has been a blessing to me. He is a stickler for excellence and he has the best interest of others at heart. One of the things I enjoyed most about working with him is the candour with which he gets his message across. He will tell you the truth based on the word of God, personal experiences and proven principles. An exemplary leader, Philip knows how to carry people along and he is happy to share his wealth of knowledge with whoever is willing to learn. His type is indeed rare to find and I consider it a privilege to know him.
Kingley Onyebuchi Igwe

Textile Merchant, King's House Fabrics