Start your own business

Make the transition from employee to entrepreneur

So you want to start a business?

Well, think again.

As attractive and potentially rewarding as it is, starting a business is not right for everyone. In fact, most people are better off getting a job.

When approached with the right mindset, a job gives you an opportunity to gain relevant knowledge, skills and experience which will aid your entrepreneurial quest. Your job will also act as a safety net in the early days of nurturing your business idea.

But how do you even determine if starting a business is right for you? And how exactly do you make the transition from employee to entrepreneur?

We created an entire training program to answer these and other burning questions on how to start a business without quitting your job. 

    For a small investment you will learn:

    Right and wrong reasons to start a business

    Why you should start with a location independent business

    How to choose your right-fit idea and check its viability

    Five business ventures you can start in the next seven days

    Overcoming the funding barrier

    Exploring the value chain of your business idea.

    Required Investment

    Guess what? Required investment is 5,000 naira only. This covers the core training, one-on-one consultation, extra resources and one year access to all the training materials.

    The training will hold on May 25 and May 26 via our online school, with Q & A forum on Whatsapp. So you can join from anywhere and access the full training at your convenient time

    Enrolling in this course grants you access to:

    • Over 100 minutes of indepth practical training
    • One-on-one consultation and business plan review (for the 5 most engaged students)
    • New edition of our book on the same subject
    • One year access to the online training and updates.

    If all of that is worth anything to you go ahead and secure your space now. Remember to use the QUICK ACTION coupon at checkout if you sign up before 12:00am on May 22. And if you would rather make the full investment, that’s absolutely fine too.

    What Others Are Saying

    Learning under the tutelage of Philip taught me many things, prominent among which is patience in learning. I usually want to see results in the shortest possible time and I easily get frustrated when it’s not forthcoming. Philip taught me how to be patient in learning with his meticulous approach. He’s a coach loaded with great insights which he shares with so much enthusiasm, verve and vigour. He knows how to connect with his students and audience, while helping them overcome their different barriers. I will gladly recommend him to any willing learner.

    Prisca Onuegbu

    Public Health Professional, and Digital Marketer

    Philip Amiola is a man of vision. His vision drives him to demand excellence at all times and in all situations. This demand that he has placed on himself is what makes him a great teacher and coach. When he commits to being your coach, he gives it his all, and does not back down until the intended results are achieved or you state clearly that you are no longer interested in being coached by him. Being coached by Philip is a journey that is guaranteed to bring you really great returns if you stay true to the course. Summarily, being coached by Philip is one of the best investments you can make for your business and more importantly, your life.

    Tobi Sanni Akande

    Editor and Social Media Manager

    Often times, I’ve had the opportunity of relating with leaders in various spheres of life but I recently came across Philip Amiola and he has already impacted my life in many positive ways. I commended one of his works and he responded that excellence should be a habit. That was a defining moment that made me realize how lucky I am to have met him. Philip Amiola is a mentor and leader that I hold in high regard. I have just started learning from him and I can already say that the future is very bright. I only hope that Nigeria can have more leaders like him.

    Boluwatife Babjimi-Joseph

    Veterinary Doctor and Tech Enthusiast

    Meet Your Coach

    Meet Your Coach

    Philip Amiola is a business thinker, technical writer and digital solutions consultant. Although primarily trained as a life scientist, his penchant for personal development and self-mastery has led him to acquire skills in business strategy, journalism, corporate communication and digital publishing.

    As Director of Training and Strategy at The Plenipotent Company, he helps businesses and organisations communicate better, increase profits and achieve optimum productivity. In this role, Philip has served an A-list of satisfied clientele including government agencies, corporate bodies and personal brands across the globe especially in Nigeria, South Africa, United States and Canada.

    You can connect with him on his website or send him an email via philip[at]