Act on Your Dreams

So you want to start a business? Get practical advice with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully make the move without quitting your job and without stealing your employer’s time.

Don’t Quit Your Job Without A Plan

Sometime in 2014, I left my job to start a business.

But in less than three months, I was completely disillusioned. No progress whatsoever. And I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the situation. So I took another job. Eventually, I left that new job and went back to the job I had left at first.

I knew that I was called to start a business but I didn’t know how to go about it. I was not really prepared and my timing was very wrong. So I devoted the following two years to intense study and inquiry. I invested in lots of books and training programs.

By July 2016, I launched out again. I did not have all the answers but I was adequately equipped to get started. And now, the rest is history. I have gone on to build a growing business that has given me the freedom and flexibility to explore the ramifications of my life’s purpose while also creating value for individual and corporate clients across Nigeria and five other countries.

This guide contains the most important lessons I learnt in the process of making the transition from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur, with detailed guidance and step-by-step instructions on how to plan your own move.

Pay what you want for a limited time only.

The presentation has given me in-depth knowledge on how to start up a business by starting from the lowest level and being resourceful rather than looking for resources all around.

Rukayat S.

My key takeaway is that you can still hold a job with a side hustle. The content and overall presentation was excellent!

Funke A.

It was eye-opening for me. My initial notion before was without physical structure, I cant start business but this training made me see that for hustlers like me in paid job, some businesses can be started which do not require physical structure.

Iskiil O.

The principle of nurturing your business in a 'nursery' before taking it to the 'field' was a profound change of mindset for me. I was amazed by the volume of information packed in the teaching session. It was a full-fledged course!

Omatseye O.

About the author.

Philip Amiola is a business thinker, technical writer and digital solutions consultant. Although primarily trained as a life scientist, his penchant for personal development and self-mastery has led him to acquire skills in business strategy, journalism, corporate communication and digital publishing.

As Director of Training and Strategy at The Plenipotent Company, he helps businesses and organisations communicate better, increase profits and achieve optimum productivity. In this role, Philip has served an A-list of satisfied clientele including government agencies, corporate bodies and personal brands across the globe especially in Nigeria, South Africa, United States and Canada.

You can connect with him on his website or send him an email via philip[at]

Philip Amiola