Many business owners can’t imagine themselves adding website management tasks to the myriads of activities they already have to accomplish on a daily basis. They, therefore, consider hiring a good website manager a good investment. And we think it is a wise choice.

So if we are to answer a question about website management being worth your financial investment, we will say, absolutely! You can choose to outsource your website-related needs while you focus on doing what you do best: making money. That is a good choice any day as far as we concerned.

If you would also like to acquire this competency as a business owner or if you would even like to build a business around it, then you are in the right place. Below, we consider some of the skills you need to build and manage a professional website.


Have you ever visited a professional website only to be greeted by poor grammar, spelling errors, awkward phrasing and so on? Your website needs to hold interesting messages which are communicated in a professional manner. No spelling errors, poor grammar and other such problems that can put off website visitors.

The bottom line: your content must be well-written, relevant, topical, and reader-friendly. This is what will keep your website visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Interpersonal skills

It is easy to forget about interpersonal skills in this digital age where we now interface mostly without seeing each other physically. The truth is that they are still very relevant, important and should be developed for the success of your website.

Always make an effort to be friendly, open and approachable. This should reflect in your website content ranging from words to images and your entire website architecture. Though the rules may have slightly changed, the basics remain the same. The idea is to make it easy for to people know you, like you, trust you, reach you and want to be part of what you are doing.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

You may have a fantastic site devoid of errors and yet people don’t find it when they search online for topics that relate to your site.  How will it feel to invest money in a website and then find out it is nowhere to be found on Google? This is why SEO is important for your website.

Because SEO changes constantly, you must continue to update your knowledge. SEO knowledge and best practices from two or three years ago will no longer be relevant today. SEO now deals with phrases, context, and usage by blogs with high authority.

Aesthetics and graphics design

A site with great content can be completely derailed by poor aesthetics.  People do notice and appreciate great design. Imagine having blue text on a purple background; not good at all. Invest some time into learning the basics of layout, design, colour theory, and how to make the right font choices.

With the advent of tools like Canva, you can achieve a professional look for your website with great designs that don’t cost much.  There are numerous design templates but you must ensure they go well with your logo and brand colours. Design is no child’s play; it requires a mastery of the skill and knowing how to capture people’s attention with great graphics.


Your website is meant to help you make money. Do not be too busy putting the site in good shape that you forget that it is primarily meant to market your business. So while you’re working to ensure that all aspects are top notch, make sure also that it engages customers. Use it to promote your products and/or ideas regularly.

Look for clever and non-intrusive ways that you can use to advertise your services and products to your website visitors and audience based on their needs and wants.

Get started on your website management

Not to worry where or how to get started on your website management, we have created courses that provide step-by-step guidance on each and every aspect of building and managing your website. Head to Virtual Business School now by clicking here or speak with us here if you would like us to handle it for you.

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