There are always several assignments and tasks to be accomplished in a limited time. This is true for any professional who works as a member of a team; the same applies for a team and even a company. Before the close of work, we all strive to achieve all that we’ve planned to do for the day.

The failure to accomplish tasks and complete projects is a perpetual source of frustration. Needless to say that it’s capable of bearing upon the productivity of a person, team and even an entire organisation.

However, accomplishing tasks is now a lot easier due to the recent leap in technological advances. Today, we have a multitude of digital applications and tools that makes life easier. We now have several applications that can assist us in the smooth and effortless running of our businesses.

It’s impossible to list all these useful tools and apps in a single blog post. They are so many of them. In this post, you will read about five (5) top useful applications that can help you and your business immensely.


No less than 20, 000 enterprises worldwide use this application which can be found on All these enterprises deploy the app to boost their productivity.

Evernote distinguishes itself as the app that helps you to effortlessly collect, cultivate and share ideas either with your own person or with other people. This app has both mobile and desktop versions that can be synced at all times. It has a free basic version.

The application allows you to create documents, sketches, to-do lists and many more. It also allows you to locate your entries with ease and speed. This is due to its advanced searching and support systems that cover many platforms and devices.

Evernote also has a plus version and a premium version. The plus version permits up to one gigabyte of uploads per month. The premium version affords as much as ten gigabyte space for monthly uploads. To know the pricing and other details, check Evernote’s website.

Office 365

Available on Microsoft, this application is for individuals and enterprises who prefer Office suite to Google Suite. The reasonably priced app comprises all the familiar products of Microsoft Office. It also contain some supplementary services like Yammer, Sway, SharePoint, and online video meetings.

Whatever device you are using, Microsoft’s got you covered. You can download the free smartphone/tablet app or the Mac/PC desktop version.  What this means is that you could always be up to speed with your work.

The pricing for this handy application can be found on their website.

G Suite

G Suite is an omnipresent filing cabinet which uses a storage that is cloud-based and safe. Found on, G suite contains quite a number of essential and useful Google apps which are only a click away.

With this application, you are able to collaborate with your colleagues and team members in real time and at your preferred time. This is possible because of the comment and revision tools inbuilt in the application.

The pricing of the application, which can be found on their website, varies according to the package you choose.


To download this application, visit It’s an application that increases productivity, contrary to the suggestion of its name. Slack is the perfect application for collaboration between team members as they work on a project.

It’s an app that in the words of its developers: brings all the required people and pieces together in order to actually get tasks accomplished. Our company uses this app for communication and sharing of all sorts of documents.

Small teams can make use of the application and the company as a whole can purchase a corporate plan. The application has a paid-for premium version which has several improved features. Slack for teams is free for 3-1000 users. We use Slack as our workspace app at The Plenipotent Company Limited. It’s indeed a great application.


To find this application, visit their official website: Trello is a useful application for managing teams and projects. It’s free, mobile, remarkably flexible and not difficult to use. From the big picture down to the tiny details, Trello remarkably keeps track of it all.

Signing up to use this fun-to-use application is free. Additional functionality is however at a premium. However, it’s the peculiar needs of your organisation that determines the enterprise pricing of the application.


There are far too many available apps that can boost your productivity. Making a choice will be based on the individual needs of your enterprise. But on the whole, the applications mentioned in this post are useful for almost every kind of organisation.

If you need further information on how to maximise any of these apps for your productivity, get in touch with us. Let us know what you think or about other productive applications that you know in the comment section.

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