Your business ought to define a unique selling point to set itself apart; else, your business may not be around for long.

For businesses with the same line of products or services, the business that can grab and hold the attention of customers, ensuring that their products or services are better understood is most likely the one that stands the test of time.

An explainer video is a short, sometimes animated, online marketing video used to explain your company’s service or product. Usually, explainer videos are placed on your website’s home page, a landing page or an important product page. Businesses use this type of video to quickly relate their brands’ stories in a remarkable way.

Explainer videos let you grab your audience’s attention through text, moving images, voiceover, animation and music. Explainer Videos are appealing, concise and affordable. A good number of people are visual learners and prefer to see more of this type of video from brands and businesses.

This makes using explainer videos one of the best ways to pass your message across, no matter the complexity of your subject. Explainer videos work by changing your message no matter how technical or complex into an easy-to-understand and enjoyable format.

Here are some convincing reasons we think you should use explainer videos.

Conveys information about your brand concisely

Presenting your brand information through the use of text alone is sometimes inefficient, given that most viewers are visual learners. On average, people respond better to information that is seen and heard. Explainer videos highlight the important details and present these in a visually engaging manner.

Focuses on the benefits for customers

Consumers make purchases based on the benefits of a product rather than on its features. They choose a product or service they think will serve them the best in terms of benefits.

Think about this, a consumer will buy good sleep and comfort rather than a mattress. Fundamentally, these features of the mattress make the benefits possible and this is what makes the sale. Explainer videos let you swiftly point out the benefits of your service/product and offer your audience what they seek.

Connects better with your audience

Videos are effective for getting people interested in a product or service. They help to communicate the credibility and reliability of your business or brand. Over time, this will translate into sales for you. Some sites report their conversion rates going up by as high as 144% after adding an explainer video to their website.

According to Google’s ranking factor, videos are found in 70 percent of the top 100 search engine results as they increase the amount of time users spends on a website. Video thumbnails also generate more clicks from users than text links.

YouTube is the second largest search engine. If you put your brand’s explainer videos on the platform, you will definitely be found by more people.

Simplifies your product or solution

Let’s face it: we all are overwhelmed with the amount of information on social media these days. Customers are constantly navigating through online sites, white papers and other complicated material to find a solution.

An explainer video allows you to develop and present content that gets to the solution, thereby shortening the time spent in search of solutions. A short explainer video can immediately answer your audience’s questions and alleviate their pains.

Illustrates concepts

In some cases, your product or service may not be tangible. In these situations, explainer videos are useful to illustrate your idea and present abstract concepts. You may have come across explainer videos describing quickly how a solution works. This you will find with many technology companies.

In the end, an explainer video should lead the customer to make a purchase or to more detailed information.

Easy to share on social media

Explainer videos can be easily shared on social media and switched for other purposes like DIY videos. If you take a tour on Facebook and Instagram for example, you will see the success of video content. No doubt, video content will benefit your brand greatly.

Already thinking of how to create your own explainer videos? You need not worry. We’ve created a comprehensive course that will show you how to create explainer videos with inexpensive resources. Click here to access the course. Or speak to us here if you would like us to create the videos for you.