Brand evangelists fulfil more than the usual customer purpose of purchasing your services and products. They don’t vanish into thin air after making a purchase. No. Instead, they make sure everyone they know gets to know that they are pleased with your brand.

Clients pay to enjoy the services you provide and customers purchase your products. Brand evangelists are super customers. They go a step further by preaching the services and products they have purchased and enjoyed. They are highly satisfied clients who are excited to recommend your brand to other people.

Your products and services are the best as far as your brand evangelists are concerned. Brand evangelists believe that you are second to none, but that’s not even the best part. The best part is that they promote you for free. Brand evangelists don’t cost you a penny; they promote your brand voluntarily.

Even though most evangelists become so without any direct influence from the brand, there are ways you can nurture your relationship with customers such that they excitedly promote your products and services.

Customer service and feedback

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Customer service and feedback is the mother lode for potential brand evangelists. Good customer service and feedback encourage your customers to become evangelists. When you reach out to your customers and listen to them, they will tell you what they think of your products and services.

In the process, they help you see how you can improve as a brand. They feel valued when they see you taking actions based on their suggestions. This makes it easier for them to become an evangelist for your brand.

Providing impressive customer service and implementing relevant recommendations convince your customers of your concern for them and their needs. This motivates them to speak well of your brand.


It’s only natural that customers only want to become evangelists of brands they believe offer the best services or produce the best products in the market. What does this mean to you as a brand? It’s simple. You have to be the best as far as your customers are concerned.

To accomplish this, invest in market research to discover what people are saying about your competitors. From your research results, identify the reasons consumers prefer your competitors over you.

Now, act based on this new information. Fine-tune your products, brand messaging and promotions according to your discoveries. Then communicate these adjustments via all available means to your customers and potential brand evangelists. In doing this, you convince them that you value them.

Make judicious use of social media

First things first. You must provide your customers with something worth talking about if you want them to discuss your product or service. Your products and/or services must be innovative and unique.
Customers will not rave about a brand they consider unreliable or one that is just like the others. Click To Tweet

Make your company reachable on social media. Engage your customers online. Initiate conversations with them and be responsive to them. This endears you to them.
When you relate with customers in a positive manner online, their friends are likely to join the discussion. Your original contact thus becomes your brand evangelist. Click To Tweet

Provide a means for your customers to share their experience with your brand on social media. Through these means, happy customers can be nurtured into evangelists. In addition, you can nurture brand evangelists by offering rewards for promoting your brand online.


Simplifying processes such as how to learn about your services and products, getting help, signing up, etc., actually helps in turning customers to brand evangelists. The convenience factor is an important one in businesses today.

Keep your employees happy

Employees are in fact the heart of any business. This cannot be emphasized enough. It’s your employees that are constantly interacting with your customers; the way they portray your company is the way your customers see it.

Therefore, it’s essential that you prioritize your employees and their satisfaction. Employees’ relationship with customers can turn regular customers into brand evangelists. Happy employees usually translate to happy customers.

As Richard Branson famously said, when you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.

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