The Business of Writing


You’re an excellent writer. You know you can make a decent income from your writing but you don’t know how. Let’s change that!



This is a business training for writers. It is delivered by email over the course of six days.

We will explore the writing value chain and help you find the place where passion meets profit. The course provides proven principles, actionable insights and practical strategies that will equip you to make good money as a writer instead of settling for cheap freelance gigs.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • Creating value beyond writing
  • How to make money from productized services
  • Setting up your author website
  • Introduction to email marketing
  • How to make your first 125 dollars from affiliate marketing

Please note that this is not a magical solution or a get-rich-quick program. It’s not for desperate people. So if you’re broke and looking for a quick fix don’t take the course. It is for motivated writers who feel there is more to their talent than what they are currently using it for, and are ready to do the work that is needed to change that story.

If you belong to the latter category taking this course will be one of the best investments you ever made.


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